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Discover where you need to innovate to win with workshops, hackathons, bespoke labs, and more from Human Inc. Our programmes are tailored to empower teams and drive action.

Light a fire with a quick, action-oriented workshop, or let our experienced team of consultants become stewards of change in your organisation.

Whether your needs are small or great, our programmes can be tailored to suit all levels of the organisation, from the C-Suite to the shop floor, and all levels of management in between.


Sprint towards success. Go from an innovative proposal to a validated solution that you can roll out immediately. Give us one weekend. See what happens.



Quickly make sense of the market, develop solutions, and test with real users in our 5-day Solution Design Lab. Co-create and prototype novel solutions to your most pressing problems.


Uncover new ideas and help your human resources team think outside the box for better alignment with business objectives, whether that’s in hiring, communications, or addressing employee needs.

CX4: Innovation Strategy Lab

Discover where you need to innovate to win. Align your C-Suite on a picture of the “As Is” and “To Be” of your company – linked to a concrete innovation plan with goals, actions, and targets.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast and innovation for lunch. Our employee engagement and culture shift lab generates happier, more productive talent and business results. Check out our work with Air Asia.


Deliver results faster with less waste and less frustration. An Agile workshop teaches teams to apply the Agile mindset, process and practices to deliver value quickly and often through iteration and improvement.

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Innovation Breakfast Session V4
Innovation Breakfast Session: Human Inc and Harrison Assessments

Change Starts Here!

You’ve been exclusively invited to a breakfast session of innovation talks and networking, hosted by senior business leaders of Human Inc and Harrison Assessments, based in Kuala Lumpur. Speakers Christoffer Erichsen, founder of Human Inc, has over 20 years experience in the fields of innovation, learning and facilitation of change. Human Inc helps brands like Singapore Airlines, FedEx and Citibank to innovate through consultancy and design thinking labs. Kevin Tan, Director of International Business Development for Harrison Assessments International, Ltd, has more than two decades of assessments and talent management consulting experience, specialising in the application of the Harrison Assessments behavioural profiling tool for individual, team and organisation development.

Talk Themes: Innovating and Design Thinking to Drive Business Growth & Transformation By Christoffer Erichsen

Fast-paced change in the business environment is leading to business transformation and new expectations from business partners. Professionals and business leaders across the world have integrated design thinking as an effective approach to integrate business and innovation. Come explore how to apply design thinking, a globally recognised methodology and toolkit for an empathetic problem-solving, in your work. You will leave knowing the answer to these questions: What is Design Thinking and why are business leaders across Asia adopting it? What are 3 ways you can innovate using Design Thinking? 5 tips on how you can drive innovation and begin to design think Purposeful branding and why it matters How to shift from campaign thinking to conversation thinking

Talk Themes: Paradoxical Leadership By Kevin Tan

Leadership success is already a tough proposition in normal times. What are leaders to do when their companies are faced with uncertainty, complex issues and ambiguous situations that occur rapidly? Coined by the military, this is known as VUCA – “Volatility”, “Uncertainty”, “Complexity” and “Ambiguity”. This session introduces the paradoxical leadership practices and how leaders can adopt a paradoxical mindset to achieve strategic agility in face of the new business challenges in today’s VUCA world. You will leave knowing more about these points: What is VUCA Leadership? Paradoxes – creating Strategic Vision and Mindful Agility What is Paradoxical Thinking? 5 Paradoxical Leadership Practices Managing Paradoxes (Tensions) Embracing paradoxical thinking for leadership success

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