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Agile Projects



An Agile Projects workshop teaches teams to move quickly towards goals through feedback. Imagine rolling out a new app in 10 weeks and getting to V5 just 3 weeks later. No more frustration while waiting for permission to proceed. You can work in a process that fosters questions, quick testing, and results. Make changes based on the real behavior of users in a culture dedicated to moving forward.

Agile Projects

Course overview

Agile Projects is an iterative, adaptive and action oriented approach to project execution that offers better results and ultimate value. Fast moving and innovative industries like IT, automotive, defense and tech startups have long be applying agile leadership styles and techniques. Why? It helps them respond to situations and deliver project more rapidly.

Agile Projects

Learn how to run projects in a faster more confident and agile matter that delivers value to stakeholders early and often. Discover how to get fast actionable feedback and manage risks better. Our workshop highlights the human aspects of team leadership that make all the difference.

Impact Of Agile Projects

Understanding Design Thinking

Delivery Projects Faster

Understand sooner what works and what doesn’t to reenforce success. Deliver projects in 10 weeks not 10 months.

drive Customer Centricity

Boost Stakeholder Satisfaction

Aligned teams create value at speed. Let your teams energy and focus resound throughout your business.

Apply Creative Problem Solving

Drive Efficiency

Find out what works and what doesn’t faster and with less resources straight from the feedback of customers. This is your teams chance to fail productively.

What your peers say

Maria Dass

The program was relevant and, best of all, applicable. The participants enjoyed the manner in which the information was delivered and the friendly, open feel about the program. The activities were challenging and complemented the innovation content well. The program has resulted in increased self-awareness and an ability to assist others to be innovative. Thanks a million for a fantastic program.

Head, Regional Learning & Development

We had engaged Human Inc to conduct the Design thinking and Agile programmes for our Consumer Banking Division. Christopher had taken the effort to understand our needs and was able to customise these two programmes for CIMB. The participants fund the programmes engaging and insightful. He had used appropriate training techniques and methodologies to keep the participants engaged

Format Options

Human Inc Keynote


20-90 min

Invite Human Inc to deliver an inspiring keynote or a “talkshop” at your next luncheon or to kick-off an internal meeting.

Design Thinking Workshop


1-3 days

Struggling for time and need a short but impactful intervention? Book a workshop for your training calendar.

solution design lab

Solution Design Lab

5+ days

Research, design, build and test a solution prototype with real users in 5 days.


The Shift: Innovation Series for Senior Leaders

We at Human Inc and Y Digital  are partnering to build a platform for you to hear stories that inspire you to change tomorrow and create cutting-edge work. We want to create a space for you to connect with your peers to discuss innovation, get inspired, and receive real tools for change.

“5 Ways Senior Leaders Subconsciously Sabotage Innovation” by Christoffer Erichsen, founder of Human Inc

Wednesday, 15th August 2018 | 6.30pm-8.30pm (MYT)

Feeka Coffee Roasters [19 Jalan Mesui, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur 50200]

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