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Christoffer Erichsen

Christoffer Erichsen

Founding Partner


Christoffer Bio

Human Inc’s CEO – 20 years of experience using his creativity and compassion to inspire big corporations, SME’s, and startups to challenge all their assumptions as they build towards Innovation. Believes in the power of humanising business and applying human-centered design practices to build better products, services and experiences that solve problems users care about. Chris is a huge music lover (Jazz to Techno) and DJs at select events.

Willy Ling

Willy Ling

Principal, Operations


Willy Bio

Human Inc’s COO – Willy’s scope of work involves operations, finance, culture, looking after the journey of Humans, and leading in the design of the organisation & ecosystem that allows Humans to be at their best. Prior to his role as COO, Willy was Head, People & Culture for Human Inc.

Prior to Human Inc, Willy has worked as a Change Management Consultant, focused on cultural transformations for large MNCs across multi-industries, and led Talent Strategy & Operations for Teach for Malaysia. He is also an avid creator, maker and innovator at heart – woodworking, motorcycle garages, 3D Printing, CNC routing, and the list goes on!

AJ Boelens

AJ Boelens

Managing Director


AJ BoelensBio

A.J. is our corporate hippie. While he has extensive experience as a corporate innovator in large MNC’s, his passion to advocate customer centric innovation and developing innovation culture within large organisations has pulled him back to ‘grass roots’ innovation consulting as the Managing Director of our Singapore office. He is also an advisor to several start-ups, as well as being a founder himself.

His 15+ years of corporate experience has been anchored in helping global multinational corporations identify market opportunities, develop and implement strategic plans and innovation projects to capitalise on those insights.

Immediately prior to joining us, A.J. was the Director of Strategy and Insights at The Economist Group. In that position, he lead the launch of Global Business Review, the first bi-lingual product for the company. A.J also has prior experience as an innovation and marketing consultant at BASF where he facilitated business model innovation labs, customer innovation deep dives and provided training to propagate innovation processes and culture across BASF Asia.

He has lived in China, Japan and Singapore and has travelled and worked extensively across both Asia and Europe. His experience spans multiple industries (healthcare, chemicals, publishing, automotive, education) and various roles (strategy, marketing insights, consulting, training & development).

In addition to holding an MBA from HKUST Business School, A.J. is also a certified corporate coach and an experienced facilitator and consultant.

Nitin Krishnamurthy

Nitin Krishnamurthy

Principal, Growth



Pianist, TED fellow, His creative talents started at a young age and bloomed a bit more while enrolled at Engineering School.

After coding his way through university and earning valedictorian of his cohort, Nitin made a few twists at Forbes, Moving Walls, HCL, Astro, Alamara Films, Mindshare, Ogilvy. These fine places introduced him to new people, big ideas and global concepts that helped shape the person he is today.

In his last role, Nitin led the creative solutions and ops for Google for SE Asia. During his time, Ignition Labs grew more than 100% in the region with more work and revenue coming from creative intelligence & experiments. His work on numerous award-winning campaigns, presentations, workshops across SEA has created excitement and built capabilities internally and with agencies & clients.

Nitin deeply appreciates dynamic, creative companies that don’t just think outside the box — they take it apart and make something new out of it. He is happy to be a quirky Geek Fu evangelist, spreading the good word about talented, tech-forward companies that make life better, funner, and more creative. He finds it extremely gratifying to be involved with projects that span multiple continents and cultures.

Ralph Mpofu

Ralph Mpofu

Corporate & Finance Manager


Ralph Bio

Human Inc’s Finance Lead – Ralph is an entrepreneur, community builder, strategist and importantly the money guy. His role is to manage the overall corporate and finance functions of the business which include accounting, budgeting & financial controlling,  vendor & stakeholder management and making sure Humans are paid on time.

Ralph is passionate about entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainability and building partnerships for change. When not at work, Ralph is a street smart hustler, food & music lover, wannabe chef and lifelong Liverpool fan.

Synne Stohlmacher

Synne Stohlmacher



Synne Bio

Synne is passionate about Impact. She is a serial global entrepreneur who has co-founded a range of companies within the social enterprise space. Her current focus is to support large corporates score goals, and create impact for their customers. Synne has experience from banking, telecom, energy and non-profit.

At the age of 22 Synne left her job in diplomacy to move to Kenya to run two social enterprises developed together with the Norwegian Government. Here she built up an impressive network of government and business professionals while managing a team of 40 people. Synne is experienced in new markets entry, service design, strategic thinking and decision making under pressure.

She has a masters in Economics from The Norwegian School of Economics and a major in Entrepreneurship from Boston University. Both experiences has made her highly analytical and she collaborated with the Norwegian Central bank for her Master Thesis.

Synne has hosted talks on Universities about the Digital Economy and participated in UNLEASH. In her spare time she runs her own charity focussed on pre-loved clothes getting distributed to those in-need. She is also an avid pilates enthusiasts and is passionate about organising business/social networking events in Kuala Lumpur.

Wilson Lee

Wilson Lee




Triathlon junkie, entrepreneur and culture chameleon, Wilson is Involved in driving sales and product development here in Human Inc. He loves discussing new business ideas, product concepts and the best hole-in-the-wall eats. Over the past 9 years, Wilson has been heavily involved in striking partnership deals, planning and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes across various sectors that span across venture capital, oil & gas and entrepreneurship.

In his last role, Wilson co-founded South East Asia’s first technology focused boutique fitness studio. He was responsible for creating innovative workout programming and business development techniques to drive up revenue and membership retention. Wilson enjoys working alongside other motivated individuals who embrace diversity and innovation on initiatives that positively impact the lives in the communities that we belong to and beyond.

Andrea Kobor

Andrea Kobor



Andrea Bio

Impact consultant, activist, game lover.

To pursue her dream of exploring the world, Andrea has completed 3 degrees in different subjects (International Relations, Business, Public Policy), became a journalist at the age of 19, has worked in 4 different countries in several positions and have travelled to 30+ countries. Her mission to make this planet a better place led her to activism at an early age, her movements’ efforts resulted in education policy changes in Hungary. She helped local and international NGOs grow as a consultant, and led a popular get out the vote youth campaign.

At the age of 26, she left Hungary to explore the wider world. Malaysia, Kuching and an education project with 500 students under her leadership turned out to be a transformative experience. Her thirst for greater impact led her to India where she was selected as the first European fellow of the University of Chicago’s prestigious International innovation Corps program. She helped a large public firm establish its CSR Foundation – based on thorough benchmarking of the Indian development scene.

She returned to Malaysia and joined Human Inc in 2018 to employ her crisp critical thinking, her training and research experience, and her passion for playing and learning into ever developing workshop experiences for all of our clients.

Ahmad Faiz

Ahmad Faiz

Associate Consultant


Faiz Bio

Photographer, designer, and a football geek. His endeavours in design starts from school days and it has taken him to where he is today. Human experience is a beautiful thing. It’s what make or break the connection with not only human, but environment and even machines.

Holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Design Engineering and has since working his way in getting people to understand that empathy lies within everyone but subconsciously. As a first step in his career, Human Inc provided Faiz with the perfect challenge in making people discover that innovation comes from knowledge, connecting it with human-centred mindset ties everyone on the loose end.

Co-founded a production company that caters weddings, events, fashion, and lifestyle as a passion project to express his inner art form as well as exploring the vast culture here in Malaysia and also the region. Everyone grew up differently in understanding matters differently, Faiz makes sure the clients are clear about their goals and ultimately enjoying the value that comes with it.

Daphne Soh

Daphne Soh

Associate Consultant


Daphne Bio

Multilingual, a curious millennial, Daphne curates experiences to inspire innovation and co-creation through various consulting projects here in Human Inc. She works closely with clients in different industries ranging from financial institutions, FMCG to oil & gas to solve business challenges and to design better ways of working. To deliver impact, she project manage deliveries and reporting with multiple stakeholders.

She developed strong interest and experience in consulting through her work on several Business Process Improvement (BPI) engagements during her time with EY Advisory. She has a first class Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Malaya and a major in International Trade from Kyung Hee University, Korea. Both experiences has made her highly analytical and culturally agile. Daphne has a love for languages at which she has native fluency in English, Chinese Mandarin, Malay, Cantonese and basic fluency in Korean and Danish.

She is passionate to work with individuals, companies, and organisations that believes in the beauty of change – to learn, to challenge and to grow. Together.

Wan Amir

Wan Amir

Human Intern


Amir Bio

Visualist, Sports Enthusiast who is also a Food Enthusiast. His talents and passion varies and blossoms from a young age.

His adventures in UNITEN, University of Bristol and UniKL has made him rediscover his passion of design and engineering after a run of successful experiments he endures during his study days.

Currently pursuing his degree in Industrial Design Engineering where he gains knowledge and understanding of designing processes, difficulties and solution techniques to satisfy customer needs. He uses his ability to use modern technologies and tools to diagnose and solve engineering problems, saving substantially on time, costs and other resources.

He has his own production team which specialises in weddings, advertising and corporate events. This gives him an advantage to better understand human aspects of the world.

He strongly believes that meaningful changes can be made through sharing of ideas.

Syairah Zaharul

Syairah Zaharul

Human Intern


Syairah Bio

Syairah is an ambitious and goal-driven individual. With the aspiration of becoming a consultant, she aims to assist others in delivering positive impacts and see how far they can grow and succeed. Her driving passion for helping others started at a young age with her contribution in various volunteering projects from her schooling days and even during her degree with tasks under the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and Monash University Volunteer Program.

By working with individuals from different cultures and contributing value to projects, she admires team dynamics, learning new things, grasping new opportunities and she also finds it manageable to adapt to different roles. From her prior experiences, she is keen on working at a company that has a strong belief in humanity and ensuring positive social impact; hence why she’s decided to pursue her career at Human Inc.

As a recent hire at Human Inc, she aims to further enhance her communication and analytical skills as well as align herself towards creative and innovation thinking, problem-solving skills and strategic planning to boost her performance outcome when contributing value towards the organisation. She currently assists the People & Operations department with various projects.


Open positions


As a Human Inc consultant you would have two main responsibilities: Consult clients on their challenges and facilitate learning and Grow the business through Business Development. Your role here at Human Inc would allow you to take on challenges that will enable constant growth and self development.


A Human Inc Fellowship is structured around the same human-centered, self-directed and team based approach to learning, that we apply with our clients. The structure of each Fellow’s experience is unique and co-created with Human Inc around a driving theme or question that will drive growth.

Head of Digital Marketing

We are looking for an experienced Head of Digital Marketing, to take the lead in developing successful, long-term digital marketing strategies for our organisation. As the Head of Digital Marketing, you should have in-depth marketing experience and a passion for digital technologies and branding.


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