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Every business problem is unique, and Human Inc has the knowledge, experience, and know-how to get your team to the right solution. We know how to get your team from the solution they want to the innovation they need.


The evidence is irrefutable. Human businesses perform better. Thus, Human Inc strives to bring skills and practices like empathy, compassion, and creativity to organisations large and small, so they can perform to their full potential.


Change is the new constant. For Human Inc, the success of any business will be defined by leadership’s ability to inspire a work culture that promotes agility, empathy, and innovation by allowing real people to engage in positive development. We facilitate this people-centered change.


Christoffer Erichsen

Christoffer Erichsen



Christoffer Bio

Human Inc’s CEO – 20 years of experience using his creativity and compassion to inspire big corporations, SME’s, and startups to challenge all their assumptions as they build towards Innovation. Believes in the power of humanising business and applying human-centered design practices to build better products, services and experiences that solve problems users care about. Chris is a huge music lover (Jazz to Techno) and DJs at select events.

Jerome “Axle” Brown

Jerome “Axle” Brown

Head of Innovation


Jerome Axle Brown Bio

Human Inc’s Head of Innovation – An innovator extraordinaire for organisations large and small with experience in Gov. (The Obama Administration), NGOs, and major corporations around SEA. Axle brings his extensive knowledge of Culture Change, Leadership, and Design Thinking to every engagement. His insights always come from a place of clear direct, actionable, and measurable impact. He also has great dance moves.

Brittnee Bond

Brittnee Bond

Head of Business Engagement


Brittnee Bond Bio

Human Inc’s Head of Business Engagement – Brittnee is a successful and sought-after business consultant, who specialises in bringing the industry’s “secret sauce” into corporations and helping their teams and culture incorporate a more dynamic and flexible approach to work. From founder, cofounder, manager, consultant, strategist and transition specialist, Brittnee has experienced all facets of starting and managing businesses. She has 6 years in corporate law in the United States and extensive training in facilitation for design thinking.

Brittnee has worked with corporations, startups, and small businesses to help them reach their specific business goals and create office cultures their team’s thrive in. She’s an expert in facilitating Design Thinking workshops, hackathons, sprint weeks, and culture shift labs.

Her free time is spent volunteering in sustainable impact projects with local NGOs in developing countries, and building out women entrepreneurship groups in the countries she travels through.

Willy Ling

Willy Ling

Head, People & Culture


Willy Bio

Human Inc’s Head of People & Culture – He looks after the journey of Humans, leading in the design of the organisation and ecosystem that allows Humans to be at their best.

Working with Human Inc is exciting for many reasons – one of which is being able to Innovate his own role! At its core, he is passionate about how organisations can design themselves to bring the best out of Humans – their authenticity, creativity & potential. He sincerely believes that work can be fulfilling, exciting and developmental, and is committed to making that happen with like-minded folks.  

Prior to Human Inc, Willy was a Change Management Consultant focused on Cultural Transformations for large MNCs across multi-industries, and led Talent Strategy & Operations for a local, well known NGO. He is also an avid creator, maker and innovator at heart – woodworking, motorcycle garages, 3D Printing, CNC routing, and the list goes on!

Ralph Mpofu

Ralph Mpofu

Accounts & Finance Lead


Ralph Bio

Human Inc’s Finance Lead – Ralph is an entrepreneur, community builder, strategist and importantly the money guy. His role is to manage the overall corporate and finance functions of the business which include accounting, budgeting & financial controlling,  vendor & stakeholder management and making sure Humans are paid on time.

Ralph is passionate about entrepreneurship, social innovation, sustainability and building partnerships for change. When not at work, Ralph is a street smart hustler, food & music lover, wannabe chef and lifelong Liverpool fan.

Synne Stohlmacher

Synne Stohlmacher



Synne Bio

Human Inc’s Consultant – Synne is an entrepreneur and innovator with experience from East-Africa, South East Asia, Europe and North-America. She founded and ran a social enterprise in Kenya and is focused towards impact driven work, working closely with new and existing clients ensuring that their innovation needs are met.

Synne spends her spare time volunteering with various communities in the region.

Ahmad Faiz

Ahmad Faiz

Junior Consultant


Faiz Bio

Human Inc’s Consultant – Faiz believes that Innovation and Empathy are what ties people together, and while it isn’t rocket science, there’s a lot of effort that goes into keeping people on the same page. His passion lies not only in carrying this out with clients and participants, but also seeing the results across large organisations.

Faiz holds a Degree in Industrial Design Engineering, which has given him an advantage in understanding both the abstract and concrete aspects of the world. He is a designer at heart, and runs his own photography business in his free time that caters to weddings, events, and fashion.


Open positions


As a Human Inc consultant you would have two main responsibilities: Consult clients on their challenges and facilitate learning and Grow the business through Business Development. Your role here at Human Inc would allow you to take on challenges that will enable constant growth and self development.


A Human Inc Fellowship is structured around the same human-centered, self-directed and team based approach to learning, that we apply with our clients. The structure of each Fellow’s experience is unique and co-created with Human Inc around a driving theme or question that will drive growth.

Head of Digital Marketing

We are looking for an experienced Head of Digital Marketing, to take the lead in developing successful, long-term digital marketing strategies for our organisation. As the Head of Digital Marketing, you should have in-depth marketing experience and a passion for digital technologies and branding.


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