Change is inevitable. What will the future of your organisation look like? Human Inc works with you to unlock the potential of your human resources. Our courses, design labs and advisory services help ignite change and build innovation, empathy, and agility into your corporate DNA.

HumanInc - Design Thinking
Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Learn how to develop relevant solutions and experiences that delight customers. Design Thinking enables teams in a wide set of industries and functions to become human-centred innovators.

Agile Projects

Deliver better results with less time and frustration. Agile is an action-oriented practice that makes your teams more focused and efficient, ultimately delivering better value.

Leading Innovation
Agile Projects
HumanInc - Leading Innovation
SD Lab

Solution Design Lab

Quickly make sense of the market, develop solutions, and test with real users in our 5-day Solution Design Lab. Co-create and prototype novel solutions to your most pressing problems.

Trusted by your peers. Our clients include Fortune 500 Companies, international development agencies and national innovation centres.

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