How We Do It
Space & Place

Innovation Lab @
Impact HUB KL

Impact HUB KL is a co-working space and community for entrepreneurs and corporates. Located in the lush green D7 garden, Impact HUB is designed to offer a different, inspiring and conducive context for learners to “let their hair down”, change the conversation and do exciting new work outside the office.

Learning experiences
beyond the office

Unseminar Retreats

For clients who need to run retreats, team-building (no quotations) and strategic meetings, we organise comprehensive packages in our partners’ amazing venues. We have great locations within 1 hour of KL, as well as in Bali, Indonesia. We custom design these experiences to support your key outcomes utilising our experienced facilitators, field tested techniques and participatory activities.







What you’ll be getting

This experience beats the standard hotel or training centre any time.

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