Design Thinking

Leading Innovation


Leading The Future Business

Empower your leaders to drive breakthrough ideas, lead innovation projects, test solutions as quick behavioural experiments and take brand new business models to market.

Course overview

Leading innovation puts your team in control to be strategic and take on the big issues that matter to the success of your organisation; market trends, competitor capabilities, threats to the business model by working with your team like a startup.

Leading Innovation

Identify relevant innovations and drive specific projects for impact, reducing failure rates, and costs of innovation projects. Make your organisation innovate leaner, smarter, and faster. Change the bigger game by changing your game.


Leaders That Innovate

Equip your leaders and managers to experiment and rethink everything you do or could do to discover what is next.

Innovation Culture

Identify and remove cultural break pads and apply culture as a driver for innovation to make your people and company push and pull new value.

Lean Process

Make it faster and easier to do new stuff and stretch innovation budgets.

Format Options

Human Inc Keynote


20-90 min

Invite Human Inc to deliver an inspiring keynote or a “talkshop” at your next luncheon or to kick-off an internal meeting.

Design Thinking Workshop


1-3 days

Struggling for time and need a short but impactful intervention? Book a workshop for your training calendar.

solution design lab

Solution Design Lab

5+ days

Research, design, build and test a solution prototype with real users in 5 days.

What your peers say

Maria Dass

The program was relevant and, best of all, applicable. The participants enjoyed the manner in which the information was delivered and the friendly, open feel about the program. The activities were challenging and complemented the innovation content well. The program has resulted in increased self-awareness and an ability to assist others to be innovative. Thanks a million for a fantastic program.

Head, Regional Learning & Development

We had engaged Human Inc to conduct the Design thinking and Agile programmes for our Consumer Banking Division. Christopher had taken the effort to understand our needs and was able to customise these two programmes for CIMB. The participants fund the programmes engaging and insightful. He had used appropriate training techniques and methodologies to keep the participants engaged


Design thinking for startups
Design Thinking for Startups

Human Inc is putting on a Design Thinking for Startups course in Malaysia with MaGIC on November 14th 9am to 5pm. Join us to learn how Design Thinking can elevate your team’s performance and gain valuable traction in the market.  Click this link to sign up.

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