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Sprint with your team toward an innovative solution to a validated problem that you can rollout immediately. Give us 1 weekend. See what happens.


A Solution Design Lab is a 5-day action-oriented work process where teams make sense of market, business needs and prototype novel solution that gets tested by real users.


Invigorate new ideas and innovative processes with your HR team for better alignment with business objectives, hiring, communications, and employee needs.

CX4: Innovation Strategy Lab

Discover where you need to innovate to win. Have your C-suite walk away with an aligned picture of the “As Is” and “To Be” of your company – linked to a concrete innovation plan with goals, activities and targets.


Culture eats strategy for breakfast and innovation for lunch. Our employee engagement and culture shift lab generates improved talent and business results. Check out our work with Air Asia.


Deliver projects faster, cheaper and with less frustrations. An Agile Projects workshop teaches teams to apply the agile mindset, process and practices to deliver value fast and often. Imagine rolling out a new app in 10 weeks.


LinkedInLocalKL #6

#LinkedInLocal is a series of networking events spreading its wings around the world where LinkedInners like you and me, can meet up for no other reason than getting to know each other, to inspire, motivate and grow each other collectively.

This month our wonderful panelists on the 28th of July are:

Fui-Yu Choong, CEO and Co-Founder at KaodimMark Koh, CEO and Co-Founder at Supahands

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