Creative Leadership
Mindsets, techniques &

Course Overview

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success by making more desirable solutions for clients.



It draws upon empathy, imagination, intuition, and rapid prototyping, to explore possibilities and discover what will delight customers or users.


Tools &

Now non-designers can apply the tools-sets and skill-sets that designer traditionally use.


Structured process
for innovation

Design Thinking taps into abilities we all have but get overlooked by more traditional problem-solving practices like brainstorming.

Learning Outcomes


New understanding

of how to Design Think to make better and more innovative solutions


New confidence

to be comfortable to apply yourself creatively and lead creative processes at work


New perspectives

on how to translate data into actionable insights and connect more deeply with customers needs to discover opportunities for innovation


New abilities

to solve wicked problems and reduce risk by rapidly creating testing and implementing wicked solutions that create value for your customers and stakeholders

Why join the course?


Companies offer more or less the same features so user experience is the only real competitive factor

supported (1)

Services makes up more than half of the global economy but few companies know how to design and innovate services and service touch-points


Advancements in technology and global hyper competition have sparked an unprecedented demand for innovation but most companies and employees have yet to develop the skills to build new solutions that are based on user needs and experience


Design Thinking has proven to be superior in helping teams and
leaders around the world to create new products, services, strategies and business models that customers care about

Who should join?

Any professional interested in exploring new ways of thinking that emphasise creativity, problem-solving, customer needs, co-creation and experimentation can join the Labs!


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