Structured learning journeys that
deliver business results

Labs Overview

Co-Labs combine a unique blend of design thinking, innovation, intrapreneurship and leadership development.The programs are highly experiential, based on learning-by-doing.

Co-Lab Example

  • Kick-Off Session
    Business sponsors formulate 3-4 challenges and teams get briefed on expected outcomes of their projects.
  • Design Thinking
    Concepts are co-created for the 3-4 projects by participants
  • Leading Innovation
    Lab participants develop Business models whilst learning to lead Innovation.
  • Running Agile Projects
    Agile project execution is achieved by building team alignment and learning to lead project teams effectively.
  • Pitchout Session
    Teams pitch to their sponsors and get feedback to include in project roll-out.
  • Implementation & Mentoring
    Teams work on their project in their own time
    Project implementation is supported through team mentoring sessions

Why join the Co-Labs?

Many experienced L&D practitioners and business leaders have learned that short-term training programmes fail to deliver because they are disconnected from reality. Insufficient time is invested, and the organisation is not able to retune and reframe how they will create and deliver value.



The immersive experience pushes lab participants into a stretch and discovery zone that prepares them for increased responsibility in their future careers.


Proven Concept

Participants learn by applying a structured Lab process that converts ideas into concepts, prototypes and business models in a fast and reliable manner.


Work on Real
Business Needs

The organisation selects the participants to be groomed and compete for promotion using real business needs. We set the frame for learning and build the cross-functional teams.


by Doing

Learning is a personal experience, and active participation is critical for it to occur. Learning is best supported and enhanced by reflection on experiences in live environments that allows participants to discover new insights about themselves, others and the world.

Learning Outcomes


Learning and New Capabilities

Participants will learn, develop and grow by being challenged to do new things in new ways.

Spark the Culture ShiftThrough Projects

Participants will develop and test
concepts and solutions for existing problems or emerging business opportunities.


New Ideas, Concepts and Innovations

Participants will develop an open mind by working in the
Co-Lab, as it provides a safe space where new behaviour can be tested and supported. They will be able to build new habits that are transferable to other projects and parts of the organisation.

This accelerated learning path drives three distinct outcomes simultaneously: powerful development of key people, creating new business value and changing organisational culture.

Advantages of project-based learning:



Learn, develop and grow by being challenged to do new stuff, in new roles and new ways



Develop and test concrete concepts and solutions for existing problems or emerging business opportunities



Start a culture shift through creating containers where new behaviour is developed, tested supported and recognised

Who should join?

Any professional interested in exploring new ways of thinking that emphasise creativity, problem-solving, customer needs, co-creation and experimentation can join the Labs!

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