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Every business problem is unique, and Human Inc has the knowledge, experience, and know-how to get your team to the right solution. We know how to get your team from the solution they want to the innovation they need.


The evidence is irrefutable. Human businesses perform better. Thus, Human Inc strives to bring skills and practices like empathy, compassion, and creativity to organisations large and small, so they can perform to their full potential.


Change is the new constant. For Human Inc, the success of any business will be defined by leadership’s ability to inspire a work culture that promotes agility, empathy, and innovation by allowing real people to engage in positive development. We facilitate this people-centered change.



Human Inc’s CEO, with 20 years of experience, uses his creativity and compassion to inspire big corporations, SME’s, and startups to challenge all their assumptions as they build towards innovation. He believes in the power of humanising business and applying human-centered design practices to build better products, services and experiences that solve problems users care about. Chris is a huge music lover (Jazz to Techno) and still DJs occasionally at select events.

Head of Innovation

An innovator extraordinaire for organisations large and small with experience in Gov. (The Obama Administration), NGOs, and major corporations around SEA. Axle brings his extensive knowledge of culture change, leadership, and Design Thinking to every engagement. His insights always come from a place of clear direct, actionable, and measurable, impact. He also has great dance moves.

Head of Design and Development

Syahrul strives to help people achieve goals they never thought they could. He delivers on quality by ensuring a high level of collaboration, facilitating teams through complex situations, yet keeping the experience simple. Over the years, he has learned to ask tough, quality questions, in his “there is no box” approach.

Head of Client Solutions
Experience Designer
Finance and Accounts Manager
Head of People and Culture


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Human Inc Fellowship

A Human Inc Fellowship is structured around the same human-centered, self-directed and team based approach to learning, that we apply with our clients. The structure of each Fellow’s experience is unique and co-created with Human Inc around a driving theme or question that will drive growth.

Human Inc Internship

Do You Have What It Takes?
Are you eager to begin your career, but are not amused with the idea of sitting in an office all day or having a job without important responsibilities or satisfaction? Join us as Human Inc Intern!


Design thinking for startups
Design Thinking for Startups

Human Inc is putting on a Design Thinking for Startups course in Malaysia with MaGIC on November 14th 9am to 5pm. Join us to learn how Design Thinking can elevate your team’s performance and gain valuable traction in the market.  Click this link to sign up.

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